SCS Lectureships - Principles


The SCS Lectureship is awarded to world-class distinguished scientists and it is organized under the patronage of the Swiss Chemical Society. Over a week, the lecturer gives five presentations and discusses with colleagues at four to five different Swiss research institutions. The selection of the lecturers follows a bottom-up approach where PIs from all Swiss research institutions can propose candidates. The program covers all areas of chemistry. The choice among the proposed lectureships is made by the board of the Division of Fundamental Research (DFR) of the SCS.

A. Organization of the "SCS Lectureship program"

  1. The board of the DFR appoints a program director who is responsible for the coordination of the program and the correct course of action at the national level (see section H).
  2. Each research institution has a delegate on the board of the DFR who serves as the “site coordi¬nator” (see section D)
  3. At its meetings in May and October, the DFR board decides which proposals (see section B) shall be realized in the course of the following 12 months. This decision will be communicated by the program coordinator to the prospective organizers of these lecture tours.

B. How to propose a candidate for an SCS Lectureship

  1. The proposal has to be posted on a "Tricider" webpage, the link to which the program director provides to the site coordinators at least a month before the deadline for proposals. The site coordinators are responsible for passing this link, and the information on how to use it, on to their colleagues.
  2. Proposals must contain (a) the name of the prospective invitee (b) the topic about which the invi¬tee will speak, (c) a link to his/her homepage. If the lecture tour is accepted, the person who launched the proposal will be the organizer of this lecture tour (see section E).
  3. Once a proposal is posted, it is open for voting to colleagues who would volunteer to serve as local hosts for the invitee (see section F). The voting ends on the day before the meeting of the board where it will decide which lecture series it wants to support. The more votes a proposal collects from different departments, the more likely it will be funded.
  4. Each person who votes for a proposal must sign up with the full name and indicate the institution to which he/she belongs

C. Financial terms

  1. The financial management of the lecture series is assumed by the SCS head office. The DFR board fixes the rules for the reimbursement of travel costs and the sum for the honorarium that is associated with the SCS lectureship (see section I below).
  2. The SCS pays for the travel costs to/from and within Switzerland and the honorarium.
  3. Each site who hosts a visitor pays the local costs (hotel, meals etc.).

D. Tasks of the site coordinators

  1. The site coordinators (who are members of the DFR board) assure that all their colleagues are informed about the SCS Lectureship program and that they receive the link to the "Tricider" web¬page (see section B) when it is made available for each round of proposals.
  2. They are responsible that the members of their institution follow the rules defined in this docu-ment.
  3. They assure that there are no diverging opinons within their respective institutions regarding the proposed invitees and/or the dates when they are invited.

E. Tasks of the organizers of lecture tours

  1. The organizer is in charge of inviting the lecturer and fix, in agreement with the other local hosts, a week for the visit. Access to a shared calendar, where this week can be reserved, is made available to the organizer by the program director. Weeks are available on a "first come first serve" basis. Only a single SCS lectureship can be organized during each week.
  2. Once the week for a visit is fixed, the organizer elaborates, together with the local hosts, a plan for the lecture tour (department, host, day of the week). This plan is communicated to the pro-gram director.
  3. A few months before the lecture tour, the program director will contact the organizer and - if necessary - provides him or her with instructions to work out a detailed plan for the lecture tour, which serves as the basis for the announcements provided by the SCS head office (see point G).
  4. The organizer must provide the necessary information for the reimbursment of the lecturer (coor-dinates of a bank account of the lecturer) to the program director (see point H), if possible before the lecturer arrives.
  5. If possible, the organizer should purchase all train tickets that are needed for the visitor at the SBB/CFF ticket shop and send these tickets as pdf files to the invitee. The organizer will be promptly reimbursed for that expense by the SCS head office.

F. Task of the local host

  1. The local host assists the organizer for the local organization of the lecture tour, and he or she is in charge of organizing a detailed program for the visit of the lecturer at his or her institution.
  2. The local host makes sure that the official posters provided by the SCS head office are used to advertise the lectures in his department.

G. Tasks of the SCS head office

  1. The SCS head office take cares of the reimbursement of travel expenses and of the payment of the honorarium according to the terms defined in Section I, on the basis of the information it re¬ceives from the program director.
  2. The SCS head office prepares poster announcements for the lecture tour and for each individual lecture and it sends the posters directly to the local hosts.

H. Tasks of the program director

  1. The program director sets up and administers the "Tricider" webpage where lectureships can be proposed.
  2. He or she informs the proposers about the decision of the DFR board (accepted/ reserve/not ac¬cepted), and provides the prospective organizers with a link to the shared calendar
  3. He or she provides support to the organizers and makes sure that the visits are managed accor¬ding to the rules.
  4. He or she provides the SCS head office with the necessary information to announce a lecture tour and to reimburse the speaker.
  5. The program director decides about the replacement of a lecturer by a reserve candidate.

I. Rules of reimbursement

  1. The lecturer must provide credible proof for the costs of his or her trip to and from Switzerland.
  2. These trips will be reimbursed up to a maximum of CHF 2'000 for flights from the far East, CHF 1'500 from the US West coast, CHF 1'200 from the Midwest and CHF 1'000 from the US East coast. Flights within Europe will be reimbursed at the economy rate, train trips at the first class coach rate.
  3. The honorarium (prize) for the SCS lectureship has been fixed at CHF 1’000.