Winners of the Best Poster Award at the Fall Meeting 2014


Logo DSMAt the SCS Fall Meeting 2014 in Zurich on September 11, 2014, the best poster presentations of each session were awarded with the DSM poster award. 

The prizes were given for the best posters of each parallel session. The main criteria are the scientific quality and originality of the research, plus the quality of the presentation.

Prize Winner

  • cash contribution of CHF 500.00
  • travel voucher of CHF 750.00 to attend an international conference.

Runners‘ up Prize

  • cash contribution of CHF 300.00
The prize was sponsored by DSM, and were given by Dr. Roman Imhof, DSM, Nutrition Innovation Center

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Winners 2014

Analytical Sciences
Winner:         Maria Cuartero, University of Geneva
Runners-up: Ulrike Anders, ETH Zurich

Catalysis Science & Engineering
Winner:         GianvitoVilé, ETH Zurich
Runners-up: Katarzyna Michalow-Mauke, PSI Villigen
                       Fabian Meemken, ETH Zurich

Computational Chemistry
Winner:         Piotr de Silva, EPFL Lausanne
Runners-up: Francisco Nuñez Zarur, ETH Zurich

Inorganic & Coordination Chemistry
Winner:         Mathieu Marmier, EPFL Lausanne
Runners-up: Laura A. Büldt, University of Basel
                      Wolfram R. Grüning, ETH Zurich

Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Winner:         Erica Fiorini, University ofZurich
Runners-up: MahendraAwale, University ofBerne
                       Pascal Engi, University of Basel
                       Solène Passemard, EPFL Lausanne

Organic Chemistry
Winner:         Thomas Buyck, EPFL Lausanne
Runners-up: Patricia García Domínguez, University ofZurich
                       Christoph Heinz, EPFL Lausanne
                       Quentin Verolet, University ofGeneva

Physical Chemistry
Winner:         Matthias Germann, University of Basel
Runners-up: Peter Kraus, ETH Zurich
                       Janne Savolainen, University ofZurich

Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces
Winner:         Max J. Kory, ETH Zurich
Runners-up: Justyna Kowal, University of Basel
                       Felix Rechberger, ETH Zurich


David Spichiger, SCS

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