CHIMIA 1-2/2015, Vol. 69


Chemistry and Light
2015 01 02


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Icon ExternalLinkFe vs. TiO2 Photo-assisted Processes for Enhancing the Solar Inactivation of Bacteria in Water
César Pulgarin

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Icon ExternalLinkLight in Medicine: The Interplay of Chemistry and Light
C. S. Allardyce*, R. Bays, N. Thévenaz

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Icon ExternalLinkPhotoinduced Charge Accumulation in Molecular Systems
A. G. Bonn, O. S. Wenger*

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Icon ExternalLinkPhotoelectron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis
H. Rensmo, H. Siegbahn*

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Icon ExternalLinkArtificial Photosynthesis with Semiconductor–Liquid Junctions
N. Guijarro, F. Le Formal, K. Sivula*

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Icon ExternalLinkDye-sensitized Solar Cells: New Approaches with Organic Solid-state Hole Conductors
N. Vlachopoulos, J. Zhang, A. Hagfeldt*

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