CHIMIA 3/2015, Vol. 69


Singapore - Swiss Connections
2015 03


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Icon ExternalLinkPlatinum(Iv) Carboxylate Prodrug Complexes as Versatile Platforms for Targeted Chemotherapy
J. X. Ong, S. Q. Yap, D. Y. Q. Wong, C. F. Chin, W. H. Ang*

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Icon ExternalLinkModelling Water: A Lifetime Enigma
 J. F. Ouyang, R. P. A. Bettens*

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Icon ExternalLinkCharacterization of Lipid and Cell Membrane Organization by the Fluorescence Correlation; Valorization of Renewable Carbon Resources for Chemicals
X. W. Ng, N. Bag, T. Wohland*

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Icon ExternalLinkValorization of Renewable Carbon Resources for Chemicals
X. Chen, B. Zhang, Y. Wang, N. Yan*

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Icon ExternalLinkExposure to Metals Can Be Therapeutic
C. A. Davey

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Icon ExternalLinkElectrocatalysts for the Selective Reduction of  Carbon Dioxide to Useful Products
D. Ren, Y. Huang, B. S. Yeo*

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Icon ExternalLinkEvolving P450pyr Monooxygenase for Regio- and Stereoselective Hydroxylations
Y. Yang, Z. Li*

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Icon ExternalLinkAcid Mediated Ring Closing Metathesis: A Powerful Synthetic Tool Enabling the Synthesis of Clinical Stage Kinase Inhibitors
A. D. William*, A. C.-H. Lee

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