CHIMIA 9/2015, Vol. 69


Supramolecular Chemistry
2015 09




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Scientific Articles 516  Icon SubscribedContent Icon ExternalLink A Convenient Synthetic Route to Partial-Cone p-Carboxylatocalix[4]arenes
R. E. Fairbairn, S. J. Teat, K. J. Gagnon, S. J. Dalgarno*
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UV-visible Absorption Study of the Self-association of Non-ionic Chromonic Triphenylenes TP6EOnM (n = 2, 3, 4) in Dilute Aqueous Solutions: Impact of Chain Length on Aggregation
A. Herbaut, E. Baranoff*


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Triplet–Triplet Energy Transfer Study in Hydrogen Bonding Systems
Z. Wang, J. Zhao*, S. Guo

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Synthetic G-Quartets as Versatile Nanotools for the Luminescent Detection of G-Quadruplexes
A. Laguerre, M. Levillain, L. Stefan, R. Haudecoeur, F. Katranji, M. Pirrotta, D. Monchaud*
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Synthesis and Structure of Hexatungstochromate(III), [H3CrIIIW6O24]6-
W. Liu, Z. Lin, B. S. Bassil, R. Al-Oweini, U. Kortz*
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Self-assembly of Metallamacrocycles Employing a New Benzil-based Organometallic Bisplatinum(II) Acceptor
B. Roy, S. Shanmugaraju, R. Saha, P. S. Mukherjee*
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