CHIMIA 1-2/2016, Vol. 70


The French Connection
2016 01 02




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Advances in Homogeneous Catalysis Using Secondary Phosphine Oxides (SPOs): Pre-ligands for Metal Complexes
T. Achard*

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New Insights into the Synthesis and Biological Activity of the Pamamycin Macrodiolides
G. Hanquet*, X. Salom-Roig, S. Lanners


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Polymer-containing Organo-Polyoxometalate: Towards New Catalytic Objects
E. Lacôte*

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Free-radical Carbo-functionalization of Olefins Using Sulfonyl Derivatives
B. Ovadia, F. Robert, Y. Landais*

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Lithium/Element Exchange as an Efficient Tool for Accessing Atropo-enriched Biaryls via  Arynes
A. Panossian, F. R. Leroux*

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Long-range Effect of Bromine in the Deprotonative Metalation of Aromatic Compounds
F. Mongin*

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From Ruthenium to Copper: A la carte Tools for the Synthesis of Molecules of Interest
F. Monnier*, M. Taillefer

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From Pillar[n ]arene Scaffolds for the Preparation of Nanomaterials to Pillar[5]arene-containing Rotaxanes
I. Nierengarten, R. Deschenaux*, J.-F. Nierengarten*

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Tin-free Alternatives to the Barton-McCombie Deoxygenation of Alcohols to Alkanes Involving Reductive Electron Transfer
L. Chenneberg, C. Ollivier*

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Nitrogen-functionalized Isohexides in Asymmetric Induction
M. Janvier, S. Moebs-Sanchez, F. Popowycz*

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tert-Butanesulfinamides as Nitrogen Nucleophiles in Carbon–Nitrogen Bond Forming Reactions
J. Ramirez Hernandez, F. Chemla, F. Ferreira, O. Jackowski, J. Oble, A. Perez-Luna*, G. Poli

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Ynol Ethers: Synthesis and Reactivity
C. Verrier, S. Carret, J.-F. Poisson*

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Recent Achievements in Enantioselective Borrowing Hydrogen by the Combination of Iron- and Organocatalysis
M. Roudier, T. Constantieux, J. Rodriguez, A. Quintard*

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Smart Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
C. Bonnet, E. Tóth*

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