CHIMIA 3/2016, Vol. 70


Physical Organic Chemistry
2016 03



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Unusual Rearrangements of Radical Cations: The Role of Vibronic Coupling
Thomas Bally

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Effect of the C(3)-Substituent in Verdazyl Radicals on their Profluorescent Behavior
S. Eusterwiemann, D. Matuschek, L. Stegemann, S. Klabunde, C. Doerenkamp, C. G. Daniliuc, N. L. Doltsinis*, C. A. Strassert*, H. Eckert*, A. Studer*


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Reaction Rate Maxima at Large Distances between Reactants
M. Kuss-Petermann, O. S. Wenger*

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Probing Mechanisms of Photochemical Reactions: How to Teach a Young Dog Old Tricks
C. G. Bochet

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Cooperative Photoredox and Asymmetric Catalysis
H. Huo, E. Meggers*

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Determining Inversion Barriers in Atropisomers – A Tutorial for Organic Chemists
M. Rickhaus, L. Jundt, M. Mayor*

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Getting it Right: How DNA Polymerases Select the Right Nucleotide
S. Ludmann, A. Marx*

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