CHIMIA 9/2016, Vol. 70


Division of Industrial and Applied Chemistry:
Game Changing Innovation in Chemical Production
2016 09



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An Approach to the Commercial Production of Highly Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
A. Beyeler*, R. Wilhelm, B. Brodbeck

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Quantitative Assessment of Mass Flow Boundaries in Continuous Twin-screw Granulation
A. Schmidt, H. de Waard, K.-P. Moll, M. Krumme, P. Kleinebudde*


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Lonza Error Prevention System (EPS) – Changing Human Performance in Pharmaceutical Operations
K. Bodmann, C. Reinhard, M. Mödler*, K. Tinson, M. Johnson


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Manufacturing Execution Systems: Examples of Performance Indicator and Operational Robustness Tools
Y. Gendre*, G. Waridel, M. Guyon, J.-F. Demuth, H. Guelpa, T. Humbert


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Comprehensive Analysis Competence and Innovative Approaches for Sustainable Chemical Production
J. Appel*, C. Colombo, U. Dätwyler, Y. Chen, N. Kerimoglu


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Industry 4.0: Reality, Future or just Science Fiction?
How to Convince Today’s Management to Invest in Tomorrow’s Future! Successful Strategies for Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing IT
S. Gentner

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