SCS Lectureships - Program 2017

Prof. Jeremy Sanders, University of Cambridge, UK
«Thermodynamics and Molecular Recognition: From Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry to Crystal Polymorphism»
Tour date: 13.-17. March 2017
Tour organizer: Prof. Katharina Fromm, University of Fribourg

Prof. Jonathan Sweedler, University of Illinois, USA
«Life on the “D” side: D-amino acid signaling in the brain» and
«The chemical characterization of the brain: from new measurement tools to new neurochemical insights»
Tour date: 20.-24. March 2017
Tour organizer: Prof. Renato Zenobi, ETH Zurich

Dr. Xiaoguang Lei, Beijing
«Complex Natural Product as a Driving Force for Discovery in Organic Synthesis and Chemical Biology» and
«Tightly Linking Chemistry and Biology through Covalent Bonds»
Tour date: 27.-31. March 2017
Tour organizer: Prof. Nicolas Winssinger, University of Geneva

Associate Prof. Ryan Shenvi, The Scripps Research Institute, USA 
«Chemical Synthesis of Secondary Metabolites»
Tour date: 08.-12. May 2017
Tour organizer: Karl Gademann, University of Zurich

Prof. Jonathan Ellmann, Yale University, USA
«C-H Functionalization for the Efficient Assembly and Elaboration of Heterocyclic Compounds»
Tour date: 15.-19. May 2017
Tour organizer: Dr. Andreas Marzinzik, Novartis

Prof. Cathy Crudden, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada
«Metal catalysts, clusters and surfaces: From the synthesis of chiral bio-molecules to carbon-based self assembled monolayers»
Tour date: 02-09. October 2017
Tour organizier: Jeffrey Bode, ETH Zurich

Prof. Cynthia Burrows, The University of Utah, USA
«The Epigenetics of Guanine:  From chemistry to biology with guanine oxidation»
Tour date: 16.-20. October 2017
Tour organizer: Prof. Thomas Bally, University of Fribourg

Prof. Frank Neese, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion, Mülheim an der Ruhr, GER
«Reactivity of high-valent nonheme iron centers»
«Insight into the water oxidizing cluster in Photosystem II»
«Insight into CO2 activation»
«Insight into the water oxidizing cluster in Photosystem II»
«Ab initio ligand field theory and magnetism of d- and f-elements»
Tour date: 13.-17. November 2017 
The tour is cancelled and an alternative date in 2018 will be defined.
Tour organizer: Prof. Thomas Bally, University of Fribourg

Prof. Sir Richard Friend, University of Cambridge, UK
«Molecular semiconductors for LEDs and solar cells: designing around the Coulomb interaction»
«New semiconductors and new architectures for LEDs and solar cells»
Tour date: 20.-24. November 2017
Tour organizer: Prof. Majed Chergui, EPF Lausanne

Prof. Shiki Yagai, Chiba University, Japan
«Figuration of Supramolecular Polymers with Spontaneous Curvature»
Tour date: 11.-15. December 2017
Tour organizier: Prof. Bruno Therrien, University of Neuchatel

Prof. F. Fleming Crim, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
«The Influence of Vibrations on Reactions in Gases and Liquids»
Tour date: 21. September - 21. November 2017
Tour organizier: Prof. Martin Quack, ETH Zurich