CHIMIA 1-2/2017, Vol. 71


The Power of Spectroscopy
2017 01 02



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Measuring Intermolecular Binding Energies by Laser Spectroscopy
R. Knochenmuss, S. Maity, G. Féraud, S. Leutwyler*

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Recent Advances in Understanding Delayed Photoluminescence in Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals
A. Marchioro


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Ultrafast Fluorescence Dynamics in Flurbiprofen-Amino Acid Dyads and in the Supramolecular Drug/Protein Complex
I. Vayá*, M. C. Jiménez, M. A. Miranda, A. Chatterjee, T. Gustavsson*


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Water in Biomolecular Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Imaging: Side Effects and Remedies
A. Fürstenberg


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Two- and Three-dimensional Mid-Infrared Chemical Imaging
F. Zobi*, M. Obst

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What is an Ethical Chemist?
J. Kovac

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