ChemPubSoc Monthly Highlights, April 2017

170404 Cover EurJICEurJIC: Special Issue on Metal Anticancer Complexes

This Cluster Issue of the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, guest-edited by Enzo Alessio (Editorial Board Member) and Zijian Guo, comprises 9 Microreviews, 2 Communications, and 20 Full Papers from all over the world on the cutting-edge research in anticancer chemistry including the latest results in topical areas such as molecularly targeted metal compounds and light-activated transition-metal compounds for diagnosis and therapy.

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170404 Cover ChemPhotoChemSpot on ChemPhotoChem – Photochemistry at Its Best

Discover the free Sample Issue of ChemPhotoChem (, the latest ChemPubSoc Europe journal.
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Free Sample Issue

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170404 Cover ChemCatChemChemCatChem: Special Issue Dedicated to 50th Annual Meeting of the German CatalysisSociety (GeCatS)

ChemCatChem had the honor to publish an excellent Special Issue to celebrate the 50th annual meeting of the German Catalysis Society (GeCatS). Bringing together a selection of the greatest recent participants of the meeting, this issue presents a very fine collection of catalysis research. Please read the Essay from Joachim Völter and Robert Schlögl to find out more about the deep history of this meeting. Enjoy free access until the end of April. 

Special Issue

Mor information on GeCatS

Deep history of this meeting



David Spichiger, SCS