CHIMIA 4/2017, Vol. 71


Laureates: Junior Prizes of the SCS Fall Meeting 2016
2017 04



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Combined GC- and UHPLC-HR-MS Based Metabolomics to Analyze Durable Anti-fungal Resistance Processes in Cereals
R. Bucher, D. Veyel, L. Willmitzer, S. Krattinger, B. Keller, L. Bigler*

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State-of-the-art Nanofabrication in Catalysis
W. Karim*, S. A. Tschupp, J. Herranz, T. J. Schmidt, Y. Ekinci, J. A. van Bokhoven


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Automated Identification of Relevant Frontier Orbitals for Chemical Compounds and Processes
C. J. Stein, M. Reiher*


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Mechanistic Investigations of C-H Activations on Silica-Supported Co(II) Sites in Catalytic Propane Dehydrogenation
D. P. Estes


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DNA Polymerase Inhibition by High Kinetic Stability of T-HgII-T Base Pairs
O. P. Schmidt


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Chiral Cyclopentadienyl Ruthenium Complexes as Versatile Catalysts for Enantioselective Transformations
D. Kossler, N. Cramer*


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Improving Sensitivity of Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy by Rational Design of Polarizing Agents for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
D. J. Kubicki, L. Emsley*


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Quantitative Nano-characterization of Polymers Using Atomic Force Microscopy
M. Radiom*, S. Kozhuharov, P. Kong, M. di Giannantonio, M. A. Ayer, P. Maroni, A. F. M. Kilbinger, K. M. Fromm, C. Weder, M. Borkovec


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Towards Cellular Activation of an Artificial Metalloenzyme: Development of an Artificial Zymogen
V. Lebrun


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Error Assessment of Computational Models in Chemistry
G. N. Simm, J. Proppe, M. Reiher*


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CO Cleavage and CO2 Functionalization under Mild Conditions by a Multimetallic CsU2 Nitride Complex
M. Falcone, L. Chatelain, R. Scopelliti, M. Mazzanti*


 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Progress in the Optimization of 4(1H)-Quinolone Derivatives as Antimalarials Targeting the Erythrocytic, the Exoerythrocytic and the Transmitting Stages of the Malaria Parasite
F. Brockmeyer, R. Manetsch*


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Peptide Dendrimer—Lipid Conjugates as DNA and siRNA Transfection Reagents: Role of Charge Distribution Across Generations
M. Heitz*, A. Kwok, G. A. Eggimann, F. Hollfelder, T. Darbre, J.-L. Reymond*


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Decarboxylative Alkynylation and Cyanation of Carboxylic Acids using Photoredox Catalysis and Hypervalent Iodine Reagents
F. Le Vaillant, J. Waser*


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Unveiling the Nature of Charge Carrier Interactions by Electroabsorption Spectroscopy: An Illustration with Lead-Halide Perovskites
M. E. F. Bouduban*, A. Burgos-Caminal, J. Teuscher, J.-E. Moser


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From Short Electrospun Nanofibers to Ultralight Aerogels with Tunable Pore Structure
F. Deuber, C. Adlhart*

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