The Division of Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces

The Division of Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces (DPCI) of the Swiss Chemical Society is a forum for scientists and technologists in all fields where polymers and colloids are synthesized, manufactured, investigated, transformed or applied. The DPCI has around 300 members.



The aims of the DPCI are

  • to promote research and the teaching of macromolecular science and colloids
  • to network
  • to inform members about the latest results and trends and provide a forum for discussion
  • to promote interaction between the different disciplines of macromolecular science as well as between basic research and application and between academia and industry
  • to establish and maintain links with like-minded professional societies and institutions in Switzerland and abroad



  • DPK organizes an annual conference with national and international experts which provides plenty of opportunities to network. SCS members benefit from reduced fees.
  • DPK contributes to the SCS Fall Meeting by arranging a dedicated session about Polymers and Colloids.
  • Meetings and workshops on topics of current interest are regularly co-organized with corresponding divisions of other countries.