CHIMIA 12/2017, Vol. 71


Natural Products: Source of Innovation
2017 12



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Strategies and Tactics for the Synthesis of Complex Alkaloids
S. A. Snyder

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Natural Products in the Discovery of Agrochemicals
O. Loiseleur

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The Synthesis of Fragrant Natural Products from Santalum album L.: (+)-(Z)-α-Santalol and (–)-(Z)-β-Santalol
A. A. Birkbeck

836  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Total Syntheses of Mycolactone A/B and its Analogues for the Exploration of the Biology of Buruli Ulcer
S. Saint-Auret, A.-C. Chany, V. Casarotto, C. Tresse, L. Parmentier, H. Abdelkafi, N. Blanchard*
841  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Mapping Out Biogenetic Hypotheses by Chemical Synthesis
R. Liffert, K. Gademann*
845  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Investigating the Structure–Activity Relationship of the Insecticidal Natural Product Rocaglamide
R. G. Hall*, I. Bruce, N. G. Cooke, L. J. Diorazio, F. Cederbaum, M. R. Dobler, E. Irving
851  Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLink Sunlight-driven Environmental Benign Production of Bioactive Natural Products with Focus on Diterpenoids and the Pathways Involved in their Formation
D. Luo, B. Lindberg Møller, I. Pateraki*
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