CHIMIA 3/2018, Vol. 72


Quality Aspects in Industrial Chemistry
2018 03



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Improving Process Quality by Means of Accurate and Traceable Calibration of Flow Devices with Process-oriented Liquids
H. Bissig*, M. Tschannen, M. de Huu

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Quality Aspects in Production of Electronic Grade Chemicals in Multipurpose Plants
X. Beyrich-Graf*, G. Seltensperger

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The Use of Lean Six Sigma Methodology in Increasing Capacity of a Chemical Production Facility at DSM
M. Meeuwse

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FT-NIR: A Tool for Process Monitoring and More
D. Martoccia*, H. Lutz, Y. Cohen, T. Jerphagnon, U. Jenelten

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Recent Regulatory Trends in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and their Impact on the Industry
D. Tabersky, M. Woelfle, J.-A. Ruess, S. Brem, S. Brombacher*

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