Winners of the Clariant CleanTech Award 2018

Clariant CleanTech Award Switzerland

Clariant, the Swiss Chemical Society and the University of Basel were partnering to award the Clariant CleanTech Award Switzerland and offered four lecture slots at the «Clariant Chemistry Day, University of Basel» on October 4, 2018. The Clariant CleanTech Award Switzerland is endowed with a total of 10’000 CHF. 

  • The first prize (CHF 5'000) is is given to Dr.Ydna Marie Questell-Santiago from EPFL Lausanne for her research on "New routes toward biomass-derived carbohydrates upgrading".

Clariant, the University of Basel and the Swiss Chemical Society like to sincere congratulate Edna for her fantastic contribution but like to highlight also the outstanding projects of the runners-up:

  • The second price (CHF 2'500) goes to Dr. Amita Ummadisingu, EPFL Lausanne for her project on "Fundamentals of perovskite formation for photovoltaics".
  • The third prize (1'500) goes to Mr. Erwin Lam, ETH Zurich for his research on "Isolated Zr Surface Sites on Silica Promote Hydrogenation of CO2 to CH3OH in Supported Cu Catalysts"
  • The forth prize (CHF 1'000) goes to Dr. Jan-Georg Rosenboom and Dr. Peter Fleckenstein, ETH Zurich for their project on "Lord of the Renewable Rings - The Journey towards Rapid Production of Polyethylene Furanoate (PEF) from Cyclic Oligomers"

180904 CCD18 Questell-Santiago180904 CCD18 Ummadisingu180904 CCD18 Lam180904 CCD18 Rosenboom180904 CCD18 Fleckenstein

Pictures: Richard Smith, Helvetica

Clariant Chemistry Award at the University of Basel

Clariant and the University of Basel jointly award the “Clariant Chemistry Award at the University of Basel” and offer a lecture slot at the »Clariant Chemistry Day, University of Basel« on October 4, 2018. The “Clariant Chemistry Award at the University of Basel” is endowed with 1'000 CHF.

The prize was given to Mr. Rajesh, Mannancherry, University of Basel, for his work on "Molecular Dynamic Staircases: All-Carbon Axial Chiral “Geländer” Structures"

180904 CCD18 Mannancherry


David Spichiger, SCS