CHIMIA 10/2018, Vol. 72


Food Analysis:
Meat and Meat Products
2018 10



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Dioxins and PCBs in Meat – Still a Matter of Concern?
M. Zennegg

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Meat Vulnerabilities to Economic Food Adulteration Require New Analytical Solutions
C. Cavin*, G. Cottenet, K. M. Cooper, P. Zbinden

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DNA Traceability System for Meat: A National Project of the Swiss Meat Industry
H. Bucher

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Occurrence of Veterinary Drug Residues in Poultry and Products Thereof. A Review
M. Bobkov*, P. Zbinden

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Veterinary Drug Residue in Food of Animal Origin in Switzerland: A Health Concern?
D. Ortelli*, A. Staub Spörri, P. Edder

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Mechanistic Evidence for Red Meat and Processed Meat Intake and Cancer Risk: A Follow-up on the International Agency for Research on Cancer Evaluation of 2015
R. J. Turesky

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