CHIMIA 7-8/2019, Vol. 73


SCS Laureates and Awards &
Fall Meeting 2019
2019 07 08



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Mass Spectrometric Exploration of the Biochemical Basis of Living Systems
R. Aebersold§*, P. Blattmann
§Paracelsus Prize 2018

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Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Strigolactone and Strigolactam Derivatives for Potential Crop Enhancement Applications in Modern Agriculture
A. De Mesmaeker§*, C. Screpanti§, R. Fonné-Pfister§, M. Lachia, A. Lumbroso, H. Bouwmeester§
§Sandmeyer Award 2018

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Investigations into the Potential Role of Metabolites on the Anti-Leukemic Activity of Imatinib, Nilotinib and Midostaurin
P. W. Manley
SISF-SCS Distinguished Investigator Award 2018

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Episodes from the Continuous Search for Solutions against Downy Mildew Diseases
C. Lamberth
SISF-SCS Distinguished Investigator Award 2018

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Derivation of Rapamycin: Adventures in Natural Product Chemistry
S. Cottens, J. Kallen, W. Schuler, R. Sedrani§*
§KGF-SCS Industrial Investigator Award 2017

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Preventing Lignin Condensation to Facilitate Aromatic Monomer Production
W. Lan, J. S. Luterbacher§*
§Werner Prize 2019

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«La Chimie en Couleurs»: Socially Relevant & Original Research in Chemistry in High Schools Using Modest Resources
T. Rossel§*, M. Creus
§Balmer Prize 2018

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