CHIMIA 11/2012, Vol. 66

Molecular Sciences' Outreach Activities Cover 11/2012


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2011 was declared International Year of Chemistry by the UNESCO. Many events were held in Switzerland to allow young people to discover the molecular sciences and raise public awareness about these fields. Various companies from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Basel, academic institutions and the Canton Basel-City celebrated the ‘The Festival of Molecules’, during a two-day event at the University of Basel. The title picture shows tomorrow’s scientists at work.


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Icon ExternalLinkThe Chemist, that Madman! How Children Perceive Science
M. Luraschi, R. Rezzonico, G. Pellegri* 

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Life Science Zurich Learning Center – A New Symbiosis of Research Institutions and Schools
D. C. Kiper*, I. Klusman, C. Kunfermann, L. Sarraf-Zadeh, A. Butschi, L. Leumann 

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