CHIMIA 3/2012, Vol. 66

New Professors in Switzerland Chimia Cover 3/2012

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The cover art was kindly provided by Prof. Andrew deMello, ETH Zürich. © Dr. Claire Stanley

The cover illustrates an artist’s impression of some of the recent and future activities of the deMello group in the field of continuous and segmented flow microfluidics. Specifically, work has focused on developing microfluidic technologies for the analysis of single cells and organisms, nanomaterial synthesis, DNA amplification via the polymerase chain reaction and artificial membrane formation.


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Icon ExternalLinkNanoparticles and Cells: An Interdisciplinary Approach
A. Petri-Fink*, B. Rothen-Rutishauser* 

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Icon ExternalLinkSputtered Cathodes for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells: Insights into Potentials, Challenges and Limitations
B. Schwanitz, A. Rabis, M. Horisberger, G. G. Scherer, T. J. Schmidt* 

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