CHIMIA 4/2012, Vol. 66

Laureates: Awards and Honors, SCS Fall Meeting 2011 Chimia Cover 4/2012

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Every year the Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting gives young research chemists the chance to present their research to the Swiss chemical sciences community. In 2011, at EPFL, 518 chemists took up this opportunity and this issue contains articles by the best oral communication and best poster prize winners, sponsored by the Metrohm Foundation and DSM Nutritional Products respectively.

The front cover shows a range of reactions catalysed by Nickamine, developed by Prof. Xile Hu, EPFL, the 2011 Werner Prize winner.


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Icon ExternalLinkExcited State Dynamics with Quantum Trajectories
B. F. E. Curchod§, U. Rothlisberger, I. Tavernelli* 

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Speed Limits for Acid–Base Chemistry in Aqueous Solutions
M. L. Donten§, J. VandeVondele, P. Hamm* 

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Development of [18F]-PSS223 as a PET Tracer for Imaging of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Subtype 5 (mGluR5)
S. Milicevic Sephton§, P. Dennler, D. S. Leutwiler, L. Mu, R. Schibli, S. D. Krämer, S. M. Ametamey* 
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Icon ExternalLinkExploring Forces between Individual Colloidal Particles with the Atomic Force Microscope
P. Sinha§, I. Popa, M. Finessi, F. J.M. Ruiz-Cabello, I. Szilágyi, P. Maroni, M. Borkovec* 

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Zebrafish Bioassay-guided Microfractionation for the Rapid in vivo Identification of Pharmacologically Active Natural Products
S. Challal§, N. Bohni, O. E. Buenafe, C. V. Esguerra, P. A. M. de Witte, J.-L. Wolfender, A. D. Crawford 

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