CHIMIA 4/2013, Vol. 67

Laureates: Awards and Honors, SCS Fall Meeting 2012 2013 04


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Probing Electronic Dynamics during Photochemical Reactions
A. Tehlar, P. M. Kraus, H.J. Wörner§* 

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Surface Modi cation of Biomaterials for Conjugation with Human Fetal Osteoblasts
F. Borcard§, P. Kong, C. Journot, D. Staedler, P. N. Sturzenegger, F. Krauss Juillerat, U. T. Gonzenbach, L. Juillerat-Jeanneret, S. Gerber-Lemaire* 

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Nanopatterning by Molecular Self-assembly on Surfaces
T. R. Eaton§*, D. Muñoz Torres, M. Buck, M. Mayor* 

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Practical Considerations for Improving the Productivity of Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics
Ü. A. Laskay§, K. Srzentic ́ , L. Fornelli, O. Upir, A. N. Kozhinov, M. Monod, Y. O. Tsybin* 

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Icon ExternalLink[(Cp-R)M(CO)3] (M= Re or 99mTc) Conjugates for Theranostic Receptor Targeting
D. Can§, P. Schmutz, S. Sulieman, B. Spingler, R. Alberto* 

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Bioinspired Surfaces Against Bacterial Infections
J. Gomes§*, A. Grunau, A. K. Lawrence, L. Eberl, K. Gademann 

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Icon ExternalLinkPeptide-catalyzed 1,4-Addition Reactions of Aldehydes to Nitroolefins
R. Kastl§, Y. Arakawa, J. Duschmalé, M. Wiesner, H. Wennemers* 

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Icon ExternalLinkApproaching Two-dimensional Polymers with Macroscopic Sizes
P. Payamyar§, J. Sakamoto, A. D. Schlüter* 

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