CHIMIA 6/2011, Vol. 65

Nutrition Chemistry in Switzerland 2011 06

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Dark chocolate, seafood, salad, vegetables, red wine, cheese, fruits (see pictures) – these are just some examples commonly recognized as delicious foods. The research behind is highlighted in representative contributions in this special issue of CHIMIA, concerning the various aspects of this topic: The methods for qualitative and quantitative analysis, for preparation, isolation and purification of the single components (above the photos); the well-defined chemical structures of biologically active substances and intermediates during their synthesis (around the photos); the applications of those compounds as essential components of nutrition and beyond (below the photos). The importance of chemical sciences to this indeed vital area is obvious. An improved quality of food materials comes along with an enhanced quality of daily life, health and wellness. Potential further developments are discussed.

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  389 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkSingle-Run Separation of Closely Related Cationic and Anionic Compounds by CE-ESI-MS: Application to the S imultaneous Analysis of Melamine and its Analogs in Milk
I. Kohler, E. Cognard, I. Marchi, D. Ortelli, P. Edder, J.-L. Veuthey, S. Rudaz, J. Schappler*
  396 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkNutritional Metabonomics: An Approach to Promote Personalized Health and Wellness
S. Collino, F.-P. J. Martin, S. Kochhar, S. Rezzi*
  400 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkAdvanced Methods for Natural Product Drug Discovery in the Field of Nutraceuticals
J.-L. Wolfender*, P. J. Eugster, N. Bohni, M. Cuendet
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Icon ExternalLinkExploring Natural Products for New Taste Sensations
C. Starkenmann*, I. Cayeux, A. A. Birkbeck 

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Icon ExternalLinkLarge-Scale Production of Bioactive Ingredients as Supplements for Healthy Human and Animal Nutrition
B. Wüstenberg, R. T. Stemmler, U. Létinois, W. Bonrath, M. Hugentobler, T. Netscher* 

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