CHIMIA 1-2/2010, Vol. 64

From Chemical Research to Industrial Applications

2010 01

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On February 6, 2009, a symposium entitled 'Frontiers in Bioorganic Chemistry' was held in honour of Prof. Daniel Bellus at the University of Basel. On that occasion the idea of a special issue of CHIMIA was conceived, with contributions from scientists who collaborated with Prof. Bellus during some point of their careers. The articles cover a wide range of research areas with the common denominator being chemistry. The title page shows an illustration from Robert Häner's article 'Nucleic Acids - Genes, Drugs, Molecular Lego and More' on chemically modified nucleic acids which find widespread use as tools in research, as diagnostic reagents and even as pharmaceutical compounds.


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  8 Icon OpenAccessContent  Icon ExternalLinkNatural Products as Leads for Anticancer Drug Discovery: Discovery of New Chemotypes of Microtubule Stabilizers through Reengineering of the Epothilone Scaffold
K.-H. Altmann*, F. Cachoux, F. Feyen, J. Gertsch, C. N. Kuzniewski, M. Wartmann
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Icon ExternalLinkFrom the Ganglioside GQ1bα to Glycomimetic Antagonists of the Myelin-Associated Glycoprotein (MAG)
B. Ernst*, O. Schwardt, S. Mesch, M. Wittwer, G. Rossato, A. Vedani 

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Host Marking Pheromone (HMP) in the Mexican Fruit Fly Anastrepha ludens
A. J. F. Edmunds*, M. Aluja, F. Diaz-Fleischer, B. Patrian, L. Hagmann 

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Synthesis of Polypyrrole-Coated Core/Shell Nanoparticles
A. Mühlebach*, A. Hafner*, F. Rime, K. Mpoukouvalas, L. Sun, J. Wang, G. Wegner, T. Beierlein 

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Icon ExternalLinkHighly Enantioselective Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of a (R)-Sibutramin Precursor
U. Berens*, A. Hafner*, O. Dosenbach, T. Tritschler, F. Schwarzenbach, H.-J. Kirner, C. Malan, O. Mai-Huynh 

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  90 Icon OpenAccessContent  Icon ExternalLinkThe Follies of Citation Indices and Academic Ranking Lists A Brief Commentary to ‘Bibliometrics as Weapons of Mass Citation’
R. R. Ernst

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