CHIMIA 1-2/2014, Vol. 68

Crystallography, Past, Present, Future 2014 01 02


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Crystallographic Services and Technology Support for Industry
A. Neels*, O. Sereda, T. Bandi, X. Maeder 

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Coherent X-ray Imaging: Bridging the Gap between Atomic and Micro-scale Investigations
M. Stampanoni*, A. Menzel, B. Watts, K. S. Mader, O. Bunk  

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Science Opportunities at the SwissFEL X-ray Laser
B. D. Patterson, P. Beaud, H. H. Braun, C. Dejoie, G. Ingold, C. Milne, L. Patthey, B. Pedrini, J. Szlachentko, R. Abela* 


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