CHIMIA 3/2010, Vol. 64

Laureates: Awards and Honors, SCS Fall Meeting 2009

2010 03

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On the occasion of the Fall Meeting of the Swiss Chemical Society in Lausanne, September 4, 2009, the Alfred Werner Prize 2009 was awarded to Roland Sigel from the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Zurich, for his contributions in the field of Biological Inorganic Chemistry of Nucleic Acids. The title page shows some illustrations of the research performed in his laboratory dealing with the manifold interactions of metal ions and their complexes with DNAs and RNAs such as ribozymes and riboswitches. The background represents two of the various methods applied in his laboratory, i.e. solution NMR (left) and single molecule spectroscopy (right).


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126 Icon OpenAccessContent Icon ExternalLinkShaping RNA Structures with Metal Ions and Metal Ion Complexes
R. K. O. Sigel§*, S. Gallo


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From Relative to Absolute Quantification of Tryptic Peptides with Tandem Mass Tags: Application to Cerebrospinal Fluid
L. Dayon§, N. Turck, A. Scherl, D. F. Hochstrasser, P. R. Burkhard, J.-C. Sanchez* 


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Novel Cruciform Structures as Model Compounds for Coordination Induced Single Molecule Switches
S. Grunder§, R. Huber, S. Wu, C. Schönenberger, M. Calame, M. Mayor* 


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Icon ExternalLinkDensity Functional Theory for the Study of the Multimode Jahn-Teller Effect
M. Zlatar§*, M. Gruden-Pavlovic ́, C.-W. Schläpfer, C. Daul 


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Icon ExternalLinkOligoazobenzenes – Switching in a New Dimension
R. Reuter§, N. Hostettler, M. Neuburger, H. A. Wegner* 


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