CHIMIA 11/2013, Vol. 67


Polymers, Colloids, and Interfaces 2013 11


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Icon ExternalLinkProbing Colloidal Particle Aggregation by Light Scattering
G. Trefalt, I. Szilagyi, T. Oncsik, A. Sadeghpour, M. Borkovec* 


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Materials Taking a Lesson from Nature
L. Tian, E. Croisier, H. Frauenrath* 


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Icon ExternalLinkSynthesis of Nanometer-sized Rod–Coil Block Copolymers
H. M. König, A. F. M. Kilbinger* 


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Frontiers in Polymer Chemistry
A. D. Schlüter 


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Icon ExternalLinkAdvances in Janus Nanoparticles
J. Reguera, H. Kim, F. Stellacci* 


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Icon ExternalLinkPhosphate Test 2.0
E. Stalder, A. Zumbuehl* 


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