Prof. Sandrine Gerber
Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL
Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering
ISIC-GE, Station 6
CH-1015 Lausanne
T: +41 (0)21 693 93 72


Prof. Christian Bochet
University of Fribourg
Department of Chemistry
9 Ch. du Musée
CH-1700 Fribourg
T: +41 (0)26 300 87 58

Conference Secretariat

Swiss Chemical Society
Ms. Sarah Schmitz
Schwarztorstrass 9
3007 Bern
tel. +41 31 310 40 90
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Organizing Committee

- Prof. Sandrine Gerber, EPF Lausanne (Chairman)
- Prof. Christian Bochet, University of Fribourg (co-Chairman)

Analytical Sciences
- Dr. Stefan Schürch, University of Berne
- Dr. Hanspeter Andres, Federal Institute of Metrology METAS

Catalysis Science and Engineering
- Prof. Paul Dyson, EPF Lausanne
- Prof. Kevin Sivula, EPF Lausanne

Computational Chemistry
- Prof. Clémence Corminboeuf, EPF Lausanne
Prof. Tomasz Wesolowski, University of Geneva

Inorganic Chemistry
- Prof. Kay Severin, EPF Lausanne
- Prof. Lothar Helm, EPF Lausanne

Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
- Dr. Yves Auberson, Novartis Pharma AG

Organic Chemistry
- Prof. Philippe Renaud, University of Berne
- Prof. Nicolas Winssinger, University of Geneva

Physical Chemistry
- Prof. Stefan Willitsch, University of Basel
- Prof. Fréderic Merkt, ETH Zurich

Polymers, Colloids and Interfaces
- Prof. Holger Frauenrath, EPF Lausanne
- Prof. Markus Niederberger, ETH Zurich