Paracelsus Prize

Paracelsus Prize MedalCHF 20,000 and medal in gold

The Paracelsus Prize is awarded to scholars who have produced outstanding scientific research in the field of chemistry at an international level.
Winners are chosen irrespective of nationality. SCS membership is not a requirement. Age plays no role in the selection process. There are no restrictions regarding the professional status of candidates. 
It is awarded every two years; 

Nomination for 2022

Nominations are invited from organizations and individuals. Self-nominations are not admitted.

A nomination must include:

  • A brief curriculum vitae of the proposed nominee (max 3 pages).
  • A list of 20 of the nominee's most important scientific publications.
  • A nomination letter (statement of the research areas in chemistry on which the nomination is based).
  • Not more than three seconding nomination letters.

The documents (language E/D/F) listed under 1-3 should be sent electronically as a single pdf file to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (e.g. nominee name-paracelsus.pdf). Seconding letters should also be submitted electronically.

The deadline for all documents to reach the Swiss Chemical Society is September 30, 2021.

Past Paracelsus Prize Winners

2020: Prof. Scott E. Denmark, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (USA)

2018: Prof. Ruedi Aebersold, ETH Zurich

2016: Prof. Michael Graetzel, EPF Lausanne

2014: Prof. Richard R. Schrock, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

2012: Prof. Bernd Giese, University of Basel and Fribourg

2010: Prof. Steven V. Ley, Cambridge, U.K.

2008: Prof. Ben L. Feringa, Groningen, NL

2006: Prof. Sir Jack E. Baldwin, Oxford, U.K.

2004: Prof. George M. Whitesides, Cambridge, USA

2002: Prof. Martin Quack, Zürich

1999: Prof. A. Eschenmoser, Zürich

1996: Lord. J. Lewis, Cambridge, U.K.

1994: Prof. A. Cotton, Texas, USA

1992 : Prof. J. Halpern, Chicago, USA

1990 : Prof. R. Breslow, New York, USA

1988 : Prof. F.H. Westheimer, Cambridge, USA

1986: Prof. J. Dunitz, Zürich

1984: Prof. E.J. Corey, Cambridge, USA

1982: Prof. J.-M. Lehn, Strasbourg

Paracelsus-Medal (donation year 1939):

1976: Prof. E. Cherbuliez, Genève; Prof. G. Schwarzenbach, Zürich; Prof. V. Prelog, Zürich

1971: Prof. J.M. Robertson, Glasgow

1967: Prof. M. Eigen, Göttingen

1964: Sir C.K. Ingold, London

1959: Prof. H. Meerwein, Marburg

1955: Prof. R. Delaby, Paris

1953: Prof. 0. Hahn, Göttingen

1948: Prof. F. Fichter, Basel

1941: Sir R. Robinson, Oxford