Chirality @ The Nanoscale Conference 2019-10-13 16:00:00

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Start:Sunday, 13 October 2019Time:16:00
End:Thursday, 17 October 2019Time:14:00
Category: Non-SCS events

Chirality is omnipresent consectetur in the universe officia and in particular adipisicing significant in the pariatur. biomolecular world. But ea it also encompasses sint new materials and voluptate novel physical effects. labore Beyond the classical proident, issues of molecular in chirality, the conference est will address materials aliquip science topics and laboris new phenomena involving tempor chirality, such as cillum molecular machines, nanoparticles, in organic electronics, liquid labore crystals, electron spin ullamco filtering and selective culpa interactions with light.

Venue: Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF)
Detailed DescriptionPlenary lecture: Ben Feringa, RU Groningen, NL
Public lecture: Uwe Meierhenrich, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, FR (w/ simultaneous translation into Italian)
Key note speakers from BE, CA, CZ, DE, ES, FR, IS, IT, JP, NL, UK, US
K.-H. Ernst, Empa Dübendorf
M. Lingenfelder, EPFL Lausanne
T. Bürgi, University of Geneva
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