Cancelled: SCS Spring Meeting 2020: «Environmental Sciences» 2020-04-03 09:00:00

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Start:Freitag, 3 April 2020Zeit:09:00
Ende:Freitag, 3 April 2020Zeit:17:30
Kategorie: SCS events

* * * deserunt   C A proident, N C E id L L E nisi D   * laborum. * *

In response to non the outbreak of proident, COVID-19 and to in protect the health aliquip of our community cillum members, we decided to dolor postpone the SCS commodo Spring Meeting to officia a later date. We eu fully support and comply in with the regulations labore of the Swiss government and the ipsum measures taken by officia employers of our ex members.

The Swiss Chemical pariatur. Society Spring Meeting cillum is a one in day symposium and enim provides a high sint quality program with mollit national and international voluptate speakers of a quis certain topic. The topic fugiat of the 2020 Duis symposium is «Environmental incididunt Sciences»

Prof. Ioannis esse Katsogiannis, Aristotle University id of Thessaloniki, GR
Prof. Lucy Carpenter, culpa University of York, sint UK
Prof. Arturo Keller, UC Santa aliquip Barbara, USA
Prof. labore Tamara Galloway, University esse of Exeter, UK
Dr. Michael Sander, fugiat ETH Zürich, CH
Dr. Claudio Screpanti, nulla Syngenta, CH
Dr. Ut Bettina Hitzfeld, Federal sint Office for the fugiat Environment (FOEN)
Winner ad of the Werner cillum Prize 2020 (announced incididunt in December 2019)

Ort: Aula, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW
Hofackerstrasse 30, 4132, Muttenz
KontaktScientific Committee:
Prof. Kathrin Fenner, Eawag & University of Zürich
Prof. Götz Schlotterbeck, FHNW Muttenz
Prof. Tamar Kohn, EPFL Lausanne
Dr. Imelda Stamp, Syngenta Crop Protection AG
Email: Senden
Die Veranstaltung ist öffentlich. jeder kann daran Teilnehmen und andere dafür einladen.
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