Designed for Science - Complex Ideas in Clear Focus 2019-02-11 15:30:00

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Start:Monday, 11 February 2019Time:15:30
End:Monday, 11 February 2019Time:17:30
Category: Non-SCS events

The United Nations elit, has designated 2019 culpa the International Year ut of the Periodic Ut Table (IYPT), marking deserunt 150 years since Ut Dmitri Mendeleev published consectetur his groundbreaking arrangement magna a of the elements.

In ullamco honor of IYPT, nisi this event focuses et on data visualization ad and design in pariatur. science, with specific ad focus on the occaecat periodic table. Science ad and data visualization enim experts will join ut us to discuss laboris the role of Duis outstanding design in pariatur. rendering highly complex do information accessible and veniam, engaging.

As 11 February ea is the International Day elit, of Women and in Girls in Science, we dolore will welcome a exercitation panel of female amet, science and design enim experts.

The event is deserunt open to the tempor public.

Venue: Palais des Nations, Room XIV (Cinema)
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Schmitz Sarah (creator)