Welcome to the nano-scale: from science to health application 2019-09-12 09:00:00

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Start:Thursday, 12 September 2019Time:09:00
End:Friday, 13 September 2019Time:16:30
Category: Non-SCS events

Nanotechnology, personalized medicine reprehenderit and machine learning Excepteur are future and occaecat emerging technologies (FETs) mollit with a tremendous Ut potential to influence dolore the development of officia innovative materials-enabled health enim care solutions. However, anim a careful safety liqua. assessment is required minim to avoid social pariatur. and economic drawbacks, particularly during the in first stages of officia implementation. This can reprehenderit only be achieved proident, with an open, laboris target-oriented and trans-disciplinary exercitation exchange between academia, in industry and regulatory liqua. bodies.

Venue: EMPA Dübendorf
KontaktDr. Ana Milosevic
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Website: https://events.empa.ch/Aktuelle%20Veranstaltungen/Tagungen/event.php?vnr=19C-10C
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