What can we learn from N2O isotope data? 2019-10-23 12:30:00

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Start:Wednesday, 23 October 2019Time:12:30
End:Thursday, 24 October 2019Time:17:30
Category: Non-SCS events

The main objective Excepteur of this user Duis workshop is to Ut foster knowledge exchange eu and collaboration among non experts from multiple Excepteur research fields, related Duis to the N2O fugiat cycle. This includes voluptate research topics like commodo advanced analytical methods, fugiat reaction kinetics and ad theory of isotope sunt effects of N2O magna a up to data minim inter-pretation by applying magna a up-to-date modelling approaches. aute The following scientific deserunt questions will be qui ad-dressed:

Which analytical techniques Ut should I select Lorem for my experiment?

Provide aute information on state ut of the art aliquip techniques, pros and ex cons and their ut benchmark performance.

What are reprehenderit the reaction mechanisms commodo responsible for N2O Excepteur production / destruction?

Provide qui know-how on reaction adipisicing pathways, intermediates and commodo associated isotope fractionation ullamco effects.

Which experimental design/ exercitation modelling approach will ut answer my research labore questions? 

Provide an overview sed on natural abundance fugiat and 15N tracer techniques mollit as well as pariatur. modelling approaches.

Venue: EMPA Dübendorf
KontaktDr. Joachim Mohn
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Website: https://events.empa.ch/Aktuelle%20Veranstaltungen/Tagungen/event.php?vnr=19d-10e
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