FEBS3+ LS2 Annual Meeting 2020: «Cells, Molecules & Organisms» 2020-02-13 09:00:00

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Date :
Début :Jeudi, 13 Février 2020Heure :09:00
Fin :Vendredi, 14 Février 2020Heure :18:00
Catégorie : Events supported by SCS
Description :

For the first labore time in 2020, laborum. the LS2 Annual Meeting adipisicing 2020 will be jointly irure organized with the German sint Society for Biochemistry adipisicing and Molecular Biology et (GBM) and the Austrian Association Excepteur of Molecular Life in Sciences and Biotechnology culpa (ÖGMBT). Also for pariatur. the first time ut in 2020, a Young Scientists' Satellite will in take place at nulla the Campus on est the afternoon before elit, the Annual Meeting Lorem (February 12, 2020). 

Lieu : University of Zurich, Irchel Campus
Winterthurerstrasse 190, 8057, Zürich
Pays :Switzerland
Detailed DescriptionAbstract deadline: 8 December 2019
Registration deadline: 12 January 2020

Registration Fees
- BSc/MSc students: 20 CHF
- Member of LS2 / GBM / ÖGMBT: 50 CHF
- Member of a LS2 Partner society: 100 CHF
- Non-member: 150 CHF
KontaktFiona Doetsch (University of Basel), Chairwoman of the FEBS3+ LS2 Annual Meeting 2020
Urs Greber (University of Zurich), President of LS2
Didier Picard (University of Geneva), Vice president of LS2
Adresse mail : Expédier
Site Web : https://www.annual-meeting.ls2.ch
Type d’évènement
Cet évènement est public. Tout le monde peut participer et inviter d'autres personnes.
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