Prof. Dr. Jillian L. Dempsey University of North Carolina, USA (online lecture) 2020-06-04 17:00:00

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Début :Jeudi, 4 Juin 2020Heure :17:00
Fin :Jeudi, 4 Juin 2020Heure :18:00
Catégorie : University of Zurich
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«Elucidating Proton-Coupled Electron mollit Transfer Mechanisms Underpinning irure the Catalytic Generation voluptate of Renewable Fuels»

Lieu : ZOOM Meeting ID: 920 0916 3579 / Password: 762173
Pays :Switzerland
Detailed DescriptionThe conversion of energy-poor feedstocks like water and carbon dioxide into energy-rich fuels involves multi-electron, multi-proton transformations. In order to develop catalysts that can mediate fuel production with optimum energy efficiency, this complex proton-electron reactivity must be carefully considered. Using a combination of electrochemical methods and time-resolved spectroscopy, we have revealed new details of how molecular catalysts mediate the reduction of protons to dihydrogen and the experimental parameters that dictate catalyst kinetics and mechanism. Through these studies, we are revealing opportunities to promote, control and modulate the proton-coupled electron transfer reaction pathways of catalysts.
KontaktRicardo Fernández-Terán, University of Zurich
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