Prof. Graham Newton, University of Nottingham, UK

All Wrapped Up: How Molecular Encapsulation Impacts the Chemistry of Redox-active Molecules and Electrocatalysts

Start Date 21.11.2023 - 16:30
Location University of Zurich, Department of Chemistry
Lecture Hall Y03-G-95

Molecular metal oxides have received considerable attention in recent years as potential components in future energy storage devices thanks to their structural stability and rapid, reversible redox properties. Due to their discrete nature, their use as components in energy storage devices relies on their stable combination with conductive solid or liquid-phase supports. In our recent research we have been developing a range of cluster-based redox materials and exploring their potential application in a range of technologies.

We recently showed that molecular metal oxide encapsulation within the cavities of single-walled carbon nanotubes leads to host-guest redox materials with exceptional long-term cycle stability. Here, a range of new hybrid redox-active nanomaterials will be presented and their physical properties discussed.

Our recent studies have focussed on how these systems interact with different counterions and small molecules, leading to new understanding in energy storage and electrocatalysis of small molecules.