Best Presentation Awards at the SCS Fall Meeting

The best oral- and best poster presentation award program at the SCS Fall Meeting is one of the world's most attractive of its kind. More than CHF 42’000 CHF in total are given to the winners in monetary form, travel grant or free publication opportunities in the Junior Laureates issue of CHIMIA.

We like to address our recognition and thank to the Metrohm Foundation and to DSM Nutritional Products Ltd., that are partnering for the presentation award program for many years.


Best Oral Presentation Award Winners


Analytical Sciences
Winner: Robin Nussbaum, Uni Geneva
Runner-up: Thomas Vonderach, ETH Zurich

Catalysis Sciences & Engineering
Winner: Emanuele Moioli, PSI
Runner-up: Arik Beck, ETH Zurich

Computational Chemistry
Winner: Amol Thakkar, University of Bern
Runner-up: Eric Heller, ETH Zurich

Chemistry and the Environment
Winner: Neeru Mittal, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Mattia Cerri, ETH Zurich

Inorganic Chemistry
Winner: Dieuwertje Modder, EPFL Lausanne
Runner-up: Liam Grunwald, ETH Zurich

Medicinal Chemistry
Winner: Jade Nguyen, EPFL Lausanne

Organic Chemistry
Winner: Stephanie Amos, EPFL Lausanne
Runner-up: Marius Lutz, ETH Zurich

Physical Chemistry
Winner: Valentina Zhelyazkova, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Gonzague Rebetez, University of Bern

Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces
Winner: Richard Whitfield, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Hanna Traeger, AMI

Best Poster Presentation Award Winners


Analytical Sciences
Winner: Bettina Steckenbach, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Ali Abikhodr, EPFL Lausanne

Catalasys Sciences & Engineering
Winner: Dario Faust, ETH Zurich
Runners-up: Vanessa Wyss, University of Basel
                             Marin Nikolic, Empa

Computational Chemistry
Winner: Salomé Rieder, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Charlotte Müller, ETH Zurich

Chemistry and the Environment
Winner: Dominique Rust, Empa
Runners-up: Scott Docherty, ETH Zurich

Inorganic Chemistry
Winner: Alessandra Logallo, University of Bern
Runner-up: Fabio Maswero, ETH Zurich
                          Manuel Besmer, University of Zurich

Medicinal Chemistry
Winner: Luisa Deberle, PSI
Runner-up: Xingguang Cai, University of Bern

Chemical Biology
Winner: Carlotta Cecchini, University of Geneva
Runner-up: Alexandra Teslenko, EPFL Lausanne

Organic Chemistry
Winner: Jordan De Jesus Silva, ETH Zurich
Runners-up: Nina Declas, EPFL Lausanne
                             Thomas Buchholz, University of Basel

Physical Chemistry
Winner: Lukas Heuberger, University of Basel
Runner-up: Pragya Verma, University of Geneva

Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces
Winner: Patricia Risch, ZHAW
Runner-up: Riccardo Wehr, University of Basel