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24th ETH Conference on Combustion-Generated Nanoparticles in 2021

22. Jun 2021 - 10:00, Online Conference

The conference serves as an interdisciplinary platform for expert discussions on all aspects of nanoparticles, freshly emitted from various sources, aged in ambient air, technical mitigation aspects, impact of particles on health, environment and climate and particle legislation. The conference brings together representatives from research, industry and legislation.

2019 EuChemS Lecture Awardee – Webinar

23. Jun 2021 - 15:00, Online Conference

During this online event, David Portehault, EuChemS 2019 Lecturer, will give a talk “From water to molten salts: geoinspired syntheses and reactivity of nanomaterials". Floris Rutjes, EuChemS President, will chair this event and give the laudation speech. 

15th International Conference on Materials Chemistry (MC15')

12. Jul 2021 - 09:00, Online Conference

The international conference on materials chemistry has been a key meeting in the materials calendar for two decades. It's the flagship event for the RSC Materials Chemistry Division. The conference will host some of the leading materials researchers from around the world. It promises to be a great forum for materials chemists to network with and build strong collaborations.

International Conference on Photochemistry 2021 (ICP 2021)

19. Jul 2021 - 08:00, Online Conference

The conference was initially planned to take place in Geneva, Switzerland. Given the present health situation and the large uncertainty concerning its evolution over the coming months, the organising committee decided to shift to a fully virtual format. The virtual conference will be as similar as possible to an event happening onsite and will offer many new opportunities.

23rd International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy

03. Aug 2021 - 09:00, EPFL Lausanne

The IPS conference offers a versatile platform to discuss the latest advances in renewable energy and storage research, and to enhance the regional and international collaborations. The programme will include a combination of Plenary, invited talks, contributing talks, and poster presentations.

IUPAC 2021 World Chemistry Congress "Solving Challenges with Chemistry"

13. Aug 2021 - 08:00, Online Conference

In order to ensure the health and safety of our delegates, speakers, exhibitors, staff, and community during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IUPAC | CCCE 2021 will be a fully virtual event As chemical sciences professionals, they will work to ensure that these principles stand true for the virtual event as well.

Biointerfaces International 2021 incl. Science and Translation Sessions

17. Aug 2021 - 09:00, Universität Zürich, City Campus

Programming aims to build bridges across relevant application areas, between science & engineering, innovation & technology, industry and academic partners and senior scientists & early-career researchers. Highly renowned and young scientists from academia, industry and clinics present their latest scientific findings and technological breakthroughs.


29. Aug 2021 - 08:00, Online Conference

EFMC-ISMC 2021 will cover advances in drug discovery in major therapeutic areas, including bacterial and viral infections, diseases of the brain, heart, and respiratory system, fibrotic diseases and cancer. It will also feature most recent advances in new technologies.

HRMS 2021 - 27 th Colloquium on High-Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy

29. Aug 2021 - 13:00, Online Conference

The 27 th Colloquium on High-Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy (HRMS) was initially planned on-site. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event will be held for the first time as an online conference to fulfill the regulations of the government and to facilitate safe exchange of scientific information.

Swiss Summer School 2021: «Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry»

05. Sep 2021 - 14:00, Eurotel Victoria Les Diablerets

Summer School on catalysis and sustainability in organic synthesis jointly organized with the NCCR Catalysis.

DIAC Annual Member Meeting 2021

06. Sep 2021 - 09:15, Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis AG

Annual meeting of the Division of Industrial & Applied Chemistry and visit of Dottikon Synthesis AG.


09. Sep 2021 - 08:00, Online Conference

The 8th edition of the EFMC Young Medicinal Chemists' Symposium will be held virtually on September 9-10, 2021 and will be organised by the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC) and the EFMC Young Scientists Network (YSN).

Swiss Chemistry Science Night 2021

09. Sep 2021 - 17:30, Casino Bern

This event will honor the winners of the 2020 and 2021 Swiss Chemical Society Awards in front of distinguished leaders from industry and academia as well as representatives from politics and the media. The evening will be a celebration of discovery and innovation in the chemical sciences.

SCS Fall Meeting 2021

10. Sep 2021 - 09:00, Online Conference

The SCS Fall Meeting is the largest annual scientific event in Switzerland. It offers a unique opportunity for graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and scientists of all levels, from both, academia and industry, to share the results of their research projects. 

International Conference on Molecular Ultrafast Science and Technology

12. Sep 2021 - 08:00, Sunstar Hotel****

The scientific sessions of MUST2021 consist of plenaries, invited and contributed talks and poster sessions. The meeting will start on Sunday evening September 12, 2021 and run to Thursday noon, September 16. MUST2021 will be held in the Sunstar Hotel and Congress Hall, Grindelwald, in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland.


15. Sep 2021 - 09:00, Université de Fribourg

Wenn immer möglich wird der Kongress analog mit aktuellem Schutzkonzept durchgeführt. Das von den Behörden bewilligte Schutzkonzept wird auf dieser Seite im Voraus veröffentlicht und wird sich an den Vorgaben des Bundesamt für Gesundheit sowie des kantonalen Gesundheitsamtes orientieren.

Salzburg Conference for Smart Materials 2021

16. Sep 2021 - 08:00, Kuchl, Austria

The Salzburg Center for Smart Materials, a joint project of the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, is pleased to announce the first international Conference for Smart Materials at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in Kuchl, Austria. 

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Symposium

18. Sep 2021 - 13:15, ETH Zürich, Hönggerberg

The symposium is dedicated to the physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845 - 1923). Several talks will highlight Röntgen's biography, as well as the current state of research and applications, in which X-rays play a fundamental role.

Basic Seminar: Patenting in Life Sciences & Chemistry 2021

11. Oct 2021 - 10:00, Hotel Schloss Gerzensee

A hands-on workshop for PhD Students, Postdocs and junior industry researchers. At the end of this two-day workshop, you will master basic knowledge in intellectual property and will have answers to the following questions: How does patenting in life sciences affect – my career? – academic research? – the society?

ILMAC 2021

19. Oct 2021 - 09:00, Messe Basel

Since 1959, ILMAC has been the sole Swiss industry fair for chemicals and life sciences that depicts all the industrial applications in process and laboratory technology. As a user-oriented trade fair, ILMAC is geared to experts in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biotechnology, food, drinks, cosmetics and others. 

Swiss Flow Chemistry Symposium (@ILMAC)

19. Oct 2021 - 10:00, Messe Basel

The Symposium will showcase the great potential of the Flow Chemistry technology and will focus on intensification and sustainability in chemical processes. The symposium is the part of the ILMAC Basel 2021 Forum program.

2nd Swiss Green & Sustainable Chemistry Day 2021 (@ILMAC)

20. Oct 2021 - 09:00, Messe Basel

One-day symposium with lectures, award lectures, discussion forum and roundtables about the topic 'Renewable Feedstock and Biomass Valorization'.

Symposium on Artificial Intelligence & Digitalization in Chemical Research (@ILMAC)

21. Oct 2021 - 09:00, Messe Basel

The symposium is a one-day event with a focus on artificial intelligence and digitalization in chemical research. It is part of the ILMAC Forum program and is embedded in the ILMAC fair.

7th International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry

01. Nov 2021 - 09:00, Online Conference

The Conference will cover a wide range of aspects involved in drug discovery and development and provides the opportunity to share the recent research results with colleagues from all over the world. The event takes place during whole November 2021.

5th SCS-Syngenta Symposium 2021

26. Nov 2021 - 10:00, Syngenta Research Center

The 2021 edition will focus on Topic «Chemistry lab of the future». It's a great opportunity to strenghthen the link between chemical industries and academic laboratory.

LS2 Annual Meeting 2022: «Life Sciences in the 2020s: quantitation, integration and prediction»

17. Feb 2022 - 09:00, Université de Genève

The LS2 Annual e-Meeting brings together scientists from all nations and backgrounds to explore the large spectrum united under the umbrella of Life Sciences. This year, with the online format, researchers from all over the world will be able to attend without the need to travel.

Postponed: Ions and Photons in Analytical Science (IPAS2021)

22. Apr 2022 - 08:00, ETH Zürich, Hönggerberg

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the symposium had to be postponed into 2022. *The symposium will bring together 10 international experts, many of them with ties to ETH Zurich, who have all agreed already to lecture on the state-​of-the-art in analytical methodologies and their applications during this symposium. 

SCS Spring Meeting 2022

22. Apr 2022 - 09:00, Université de Genève

The SCS Spring Meeting is a one-day symposium and provides a high quality program with national and international speakers of a certain topic. The topic of the 2022 edition is 'Biosupramolecular Chemistry'.

SCS Conference on Stereochemistry 2022 (Bürgenstock Conference)

01. May 2022 - 16:00, Hotel Waldstätterhof

The ‘SCS Conference on Stereochemistry’, better known as ‘Bürgenstock Conference’, is an outstanding international chemistry meeting of high scientific quality, with an optimal setting for intense inter-disciplinary discussion.

molQueST Conference 2021

21. Aug 2022 - 17:00, Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF)

Atomic and molecular architectures on surfaces exhibit distinct quantum properties. Their reproducible manufacturing is gaining momentum and goes far beyond the single atom and the single spin. This is due to recent experimental breakthroughs and, on the other hand, due to increasing demand from other research areas, in particular quantum science/technology and quantum computing.

PSI-K Conference 2022 (postponed from 2021)

22. Aug 2022 - 08:00, EPFL Lausanne

This major conference – the largest worldwide in electronic-structure – brings together the community that is active in the field, as described by the PSI-K mission statement: "... to develop fundamental theory, algorithms, and computer codes in order to understand, predict, and design materials properties and functions.

SCS Fall Meeting 2022

08. Sep 2022 - 09:00, Universität Zürich, Campus Irchel, Departement für Chemie

The SCS Fall Meeting offers a unique opportunity for all members of the community to share the results of their research initiatives. With nine parallel sessions, two plenary sessions and a huge poster session the event stimulates the exchange of ideas between all generations of chemists.

14th Swiss Course on Medicinal Chemistry 2022

09. Oct 2022 - 18:00, Alpine Classic Hotel

This five-day Medicinal Chemistry School that is organized by the Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology of the SCS will focus on most modern aspects associated with small molecule drug discovery.

International Symposium on Chemical Biology (ISCB) 2022

08. Nov 2022 - 09:00, University of Geneva

This international meeting of high scientific calibre will bring together leading scientists to feature the latest advances within the broad field of Chemical Biology and foster an open and dynamic dialogue!

SCS Spring Meeting 2023

14. Apr 2023 - 09:00, Universität Zürich, Campus Irchel, Departement für Chemie

The Swiss Chemical Society Spring Meeting is a one day symposium and provides a high quality program with national and international speakers of a certain topic. 
The topic of the 2023 symposium is «Metals in Medicine» and is dedicated to Prof. Roger Alberto's retirement.

SCS Conference on Stereochemistry 2023 (Bürgenstock Conference)

07. May 2023 - 16:00, Hotel Waldstätterhof

The ‘SCS Conference on Stereochemistry’, better known as ‘Bürgenstock Conference’, is an outstanding international chemistry meeting of high scientific quality, with an optimal setting for intense inter-disciplinary discussion.

International Chemistry Olympiads (IChO) 2023

18. Jul 2023 - 00:00, ETH Zürich

The International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) is an annual competition for the world’s most talented chemistry students at the secondary school level. Nations around the world send a team of four students who are tested on their chemistry knowledge and skills in a five-hour laboratory practical exam and a five-hour written theoretical examination. 

25th Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (EuCOMC XXV) 2023

20. Aug 2023 - 16:00, Universität Bern, VonRoll Areal

The EuCOMC provides a valuable platform for scientific discussions as well as  encouraging a close partnership between delegates from academia and industry in organometallic chemistry. 

SCS Fall Meeting 2023

24. Aug 2023 - 13:00, Universität Bern, VonRoll Areal

The SCS Fall Meeting offers a unique opportunity for all members of the community to share the results of their research initiatives. It also stimulates the exchange of ideas between all generations of chemists, often creating the seeds for new projects and collaborations.

Euroanalysis 2023

26. Aug 2023 - 00:00, Université de Genève