Materials Chemistry Network (MatChem)

The MatChem provides a platform for scientists working in materials chemistry research and stimulate the knowhow exchange on national and international level. The network's activities include research areas related to the characterization, processing and molecular-level understanding of materials with interesting or potentially useful physical characteristics such as magnetic, optical, structural or catalytic properties. It focus' on using chemistry for the design and synthesis of these materials.

Community News

Objectives and Main Activities

The aims of the MatChem Network are

  • Organizing meetings, seminars, workshops and lectures.
  • Providing networking platforms for scientists working in the field of chemical materials to exchange ideas and expert knowledge between academia and industry.
  • Disseminating community information and promoting activities of partner organizations.
  • Representing the community’s interests in national and international organizations.

Main activities

  • The society founded the network in fall 2020 and activities 2021-2023 need to be discussed and defined.