The SCS Divisions

The Swiss Chemical Society is an association in the sense of Article 60ff ot the Swiss Civil Code, with its domicile in Berne and registered in the Company Register. The organs of the Society are:
- the General Assembly
- the Board of Directors
- the Executive Board
- the Divisions and the Sections
- the Financial Audit

The operating business is driven by five divisions and three shared units:


Division of Analytical Sciences : The DAS is a forum for analytical chemistry in the chemical sciences, materials science and the life sciences. The DAS has around 600 members.

Division of Fundamental Research: The DFR is a platform for all chemists involved in fundamental and applied research in the chemical sciences. The division has around 1300 members and hosts the Photochemistry Group and the Swiss Young Chemists’ Association.

Division of Industrial & Applied Chemistry: The DIAC is a forum for chemists, chemical engineers and process engineers interested in industrial chemistry, chemical production, development and related fields. The DIAC has around 300 members.

Division of Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology: The DMCCB is a forum for scientists interested in medicinal chemistry and related fields of research. The DMCCB has around 600 members.

Division of Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces: The DPCI is a forum for scientists and technologists in all fields where polymers and colloids are synthesized, manufactured, investigated, transformed or applied. The DPCI has around 300 members.

Shared Units

SCS Head office: Managed by the Executive Director, the head office supports the divisions by providing their offers to the members. As point of contact it acts as the coordinator between the divisions and alignes projects and offers. 

CHIMIA: the gazette of the Society combines infromation for the members with scientific articels. The journal is managed by the Editorial Board

National & International realtions: the partnership with other organizations is a key successor for the society. To line up activities and to take care of the network helps to provide services and offers in a effective and efficient way.