Division of Chemical Education (DCE)

Given its increasing importance, the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) extends its activities into the area of chemical education and formally approved the implementation of a Division of Chemical Education (DCE) in early 2017.

The goals of the DCE

The new Division shall support the interaction of educators and teachers of chemistry at all levels. The possibility to interact with scientists of the other SCS divisions will create bridges between research and education.

The goals of the SCS Division of Chemical Education can be summarized as follows

  • Establish a platform for the exchange of educational know-how at all levels (horizontal integration) and also between educational levels (vertical integration).
  • Extend the current offerings on training courses and workshops for chemistry teachers at all levels: showing and sharing good practice.
  • Create opportunities for chemistry teachers at all levels to establish contacts to researchers from industry and academia (and vice versa) and preparation of current research topics for their deployment in chemical education and training
  • Present chemistry as an essential area of science and improve the public opinion and awareness.



  • ChemEdu Conferences: platform for chemistry teachers of all levels to meet and exchange, covering chemical education from primary school approaches up to academic studies at Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences.
    ChemEdu 2017
    ChemEdu 2019
  • CHIMIA issue: articles about best practice in chemical education will be published in CHIMIA 1-2/2018
  • Balmer Prize: annual award for teachers working in Switzerland at high school (gymnasium) level for innovation in chemistry teaching
  • Dr. Max Lühti Award: annual award for an outstanding diploma thesis in chemistry conducted at a Swiss University of Applied Sciences