Contact and Board Members

Prof. Dr. Antonio Togni, ETH Zürich
President and representative of Universities

Dr. Markus Müller, Kantonsschule Frauenfeld
Representative of High Schools

Prof. Catherine E. Housecroft, University of Basel
Representative of Universities and Author of ChemEdu Books

Dr. Deirdre Hugi-Cleary, Gymnase Français de Bienne
Representative of High Shools

Dr. Olimpia Mamula Steiner, HEIA Fribourg
Representative Universities of Applied Sciences

Prof. Götz Schlotterbeck, FHNW, Muttenz
Representative Universities of Applied Sciences

Dr. Thomas Flüeler, Stiftung SymplyScience
Representative scienceindustries and SimplyScience (inter-trade organizations)

Jeanine Hermann, interpharma
Representative Sek I & II

Hans Peter Lüthi, SCS Foundation
Representative SCS Foundation, coordination of activities between SCS and SCS Foundation