SCS Fall Meeting

The Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting is the largest annual scientific event in Switzerland. It offers a unique opportunity for graduate students, PhD, post-doctoral researchers and scientists of all levels, from both, academia and industry, to share the results of their research projects. It also stimulates the exchange of ideas between all generations of chemists, often creating the seeds for new projects and collaborations.

After a successful 1.5 days event in Bern the 2018 edition at EPFL will go back to the roots and will provide a diversified program with two plenary sessions, a big poster session and eight parallel session on one day. The event takes place on September 7, 2018.  

Please visit the conference websites for detailed information of each event:

Year Location Date Conference Website


University of Bern 24./25.08.20


University of Zurich 06.09.2019


EPF Lausanne 07.09.2018


University of Bern 21./22.08.17

2016 University of Zürich 15.09.2016

2015 EPF Lausanne 04.09.2015
2014   University of Zürich 11.09.2014
2013 EPF Lausanne 06.09.2013
2012 ETH Zurich 13.09.2012

 Impressions from the last Fall Meeting at University of Zürich in 2016:

fall meeting 2012 14 09 fm14 posters01
fall meeting 2012 41 11 fm14 exhibition03