ChemPubSoc Monthly Highlights, November 2016

First Video Abstracts for EurJIC and EurJOC

Ever tried presenting your research for a general audience? The first video abstracts visualizing your peers’ research in this way are now available. Have a look:

Interested to see your own research presented this way? Take advantage of a Special Offer for authors of EurJIC/EurJOC sponsored by ChemPubSoc Europe, the union of chemical societies that owns these journals.

A Possible Approach to Help Avert Global Warming?

Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have discovered a nano-spike catalyst that converts CO2 directly into ethanol, an exciting discovery with implications for the future of renewable energy. Enjoy free access to these much talked about research findings in ChemistrySelect.

Virtual Issue on 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

This Virtual Issue features a selection of papers by this year’s Nobel Laureates on molecular machines that have been published in Wiley-VCH journals. The selected articles include both recent contributions and classic reports on the discoveries that led to the Nobel Prize. Read more on


David Spichiger, SCS