ChemPubSoc Europe News, June 2018

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180625 ChemBioChemChemBioChem: Special Issue on the Optical Control of Biological Processes

The ability to modulate processes within cells or even whole organisms using light as an external trigger may have a transformative effect on several areas of biomedical research. Optogenetics, photopharmacology, optochemical biology: no matter what you call it, using light to change the physiology of cells and animals is one of the most important techniques used by scientists today, and potentially the physicians of tomorrow.

This Special Issue, guest-edited by Alexander Deiters (University of Pittsburgh), aims to the most recent findings in optogenetics and adjacent areas and is packed with excellent contributions! Enjoy free access to this wonderful issue until the end of 2018.

180625 EurJICEurJIC and EurJOC: 20th Anniversary Issue

EurJIC and EurJOC proudly bring you their 20th anniversary special issues (see editorial): reflecting on the past, celebrating the present and shaping the future! The issues are free-to-read until the end of 2018. Enjoy!





David Spichiger, SCS