ChemPubSoc Europe News, March 2018

180323 ChemPubSocNews March18-1First Topical Special Issue of ChemPhotoChem: Artificial Photosynthesis

This Special Issue of ChemPhotoChem highlights the current state‐of‐the‐art in the field of Artificial Photosynthesis and identifiesboth barriers and promising routes for future development. With an Editorialby Professors Anthony Harriman, Haruo Inoue and Licheng Sun.

Special Issue


180323 ChemPubSocNews March18-2New Journal Feature: The Nobel Legacy

Chemistry – A European Journal will start an exciting journey exploring the significance of Nobel Prizes in Chemistry for today's research. In this new journal feature called “The Nobel Legacy”, a recurring series of invited Review-type articles, each one connected to a particular Nobel Prize in Chemistry, will be published. Read more in the Editorial and discover the first article in this series.


First article

180323 ChemPubSocNews March18-3The Importance of Nobel Prizes for Today's Research

Don’t miss the interview with former Nobel Prize Committee member and current Chairman of the Editorial Board of Chemistry – A European Journal Jan-Erling Bäckvall and with Ken N.Houk, author of the first article in the new review series "The Nobel Legacy". Read more in ChemViews Magazine.

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