Duilio Arigoni was born in Lugano in 1928. He studied Chemistry at ETH Zürich, where he became professor in Organic Chemistry in 1962 and worked until his retirement in 1996. Arigoni was visiting professor at Harvard University (USA) and Technion (Israel) and held several named professorships at Cornell University (USA), Cambridge (UK) and Harvard University. Albert Eschenmoser was born in Erstfeld in 1925. He took his PhD at ETH Zürich in 1951, where he served as Professor of Organic Chemistry from 1960 to 1992. Among his many honors are the Davy Medal (Royal Society of Chemistry, UK), the Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Chemistry, the Robert A. Welch Award, the American Society of Chemistry Cope Award and the Wolf Prize in Chemistry. The ceremony will be held due to next years' SCS Spring Meeting at the University of Bern.