The Division of Industrial & Applied Chemistry

The Division of Industrial & Applied Chemistry (DIAC) of the Swiss Chemical Society is a forum for chemists, chemical engineers and process engineers interested in industrial chemistry, chemical production, development and related fields. The DIAC has around 300 members.


The aims of the DIAC are

  • to promote industrial chemistry and chemical process technology in all fields of chemical development and production
  • to disseminate information through the organization and sponsorship of meetings, seminars, workshops and lectures
  • to provide a network for knowledge transfer and discussion and for interdisciplinary collaborations
  • to highlight the importance of chemical production and process development in research and education, industry,commerce and politics
  • to establish and maintain links and collaborations with like-minded professional societies and institutions, in Switzerland and abroad


  • Networking
  • The bi-annual Freiburger Symposium is dedicated to a specific manufacturing topic. SCS members benefit from reduced fees.
  • Each year, a members’ assembly is organized at an industrial location, with presentations and an attractive program of visits.

All SCS members can access our SCS network platforms on Logo LinkedIn und Logo Xing.