Experts, SCMC 2016

The 12th Swiss Course on Medicinal Chemistry addresses most up-to-date topics of current pharmaceutical research in different areas, such as:

  • New Chemical Space utilized for Medicinal Chemistry Applications
  • Medicinal Chemistry Approaches towards prominent Target Families
  • Technologies and Tactics applied in Lead Finding and Optimization
  • Case Stories of successful small-molecule drug discovery


Accepted speakers and topics

New Chemical Space

Prof. Norbert Sewald

University of Bielefeld, D Peptidomimetics
Prof. Beat Ernst University of Basel, CH Glycomimetics
Prof. K.-H. Altmann ETH Zürich, CH Chemistry of Natural Products

Prof. Paul Hergenrother

University of Illinois, US Natural Product Ring Distortion

Prof. Daniel Obrecht

Polyphor AG, Allschwil, CH Macrocycles

Target Family-directed Approaches

Prof. Chas Bountra

SGC, Oxford, UK

Epigenetic Target Space

Dr. Chun Wa Chung GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage, UK Epigenetic Case Studies
Dr. Gerhard Müller Mercachem, Nijmegen, NL 20 years of Kinase Inhibitors
Dr. Cornelia Zumbrunn Actelion, Basel, CH Anti-infective Target Space
Prof. Jonathan Mason Heptares, Welwyn Garden City, UK G Protein-Coupled Receptors
Dr. Les Dakin Pfizer, US Protein-Protein Interactions

Dr. Andrew Bell

Exscientia Ltd., UK Phosphodiesterases

Technologies and Tactics in Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimization

Prof. Hugo Kubinyi

Weisenheim am Sand, D Metabolism
Dr. Anneli Nordqist

AstraZeneca, Molndal, S

Phenotypic Screening
Prof. Gerhard Klebe University of Marburg, D Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Dr. Christoph Funk Roche, Basel, CH ADME and PK
Dr. Fides Benfatti Syngenta, Basel, CH Optimization in Crop Sciences

Dr. Katerina Leftheris

Celgene, San Diego, US Efficiency in Medicinal Chemistry

Dr. Frank Schager

Actelion, Basel, CH Global patent and trademark

Case Stories of Successful Drug Discovery

Dr. Peter Grootenhuis

Vertex Pharm., San Diego, US

Orkambi in Cystis Fibrosis
Dr. Nick Meanwell Bristol-Myers Squibb, US Daclatasvir
Dr. Hasane Ratni Roche, Basel, CH Treatment of Motor Neuron Disease
Dr. Thomas Weller Actelion, Basel, CH Macitentan

Dr. Nicolas Soldermann

Novartis, Basel, CH PI3Kd Inhibitor

Dr. Andrew Mortlock

AstraZeneca, Cambridge, UK Onco-Kinase Inhibitors

Dr. Jacques Dumas

Tetraphase Pharma., Boston, US Tetracyclic Antibiotics



In addition, three afternoons will be held as hands-on sessions on drug discovery “games” emphasizing e.g.

  • Fragment-Based Lead Generation
  • application of Bioisosteres
  • Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimization Campaigns.